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Beko Dishwasher DFN04210S

Manufacturer: Beko
AvailabliltyStatus: Usually In Stock
Price : £235.00

Product Description

Quick wash program will clean your dishes in 30 minutes, with easy to load thanks to the removable cutlery basket and folding cup racks. Choose from a variety of programs including Clean&Shine. 12 place setting means you can wash all your dishes at once. Salt and rinse aid indicators will alert you when salt and rinse needs adding.

The quick wash program is perfect for cleaning your dishes in a hurry. Simply select the program to complete a full load in just 30 minutes without compromising on performance. Plus, the half load function is ideal for days when you don't have enough soiled cutlery for a full load. It can help you to save 10 - 25% in water consumption and energy.

The removable cutlery basket and foldable cup racks allow you to load your dishwasher depending on your crockery. Stock up on dirty plates and glasses or free up space for large dishes, pans and bowls. Tailor each cycle to suit what you're washing with four programs to choose from. The Clean&Shine setting delivers a powerful wash and a thorough dry in just 90 minutes, and Eco mode saves energy while ensuring that your pots and pans are perfectly cleaned.

This Beko DFN04210S Full-size Dishwasher will make a smart addition to busy homes thanks to its 12 place settings. With so much space of offer, it's easy to put on large washes after the family Sunday roast, or a dinner party with friends. The easy to view salt and rinse aid indicators will notify you when levels are low. When notified, simply top them up to ensure that your Beko dishwasher consistently delivers an excellent performance.

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